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About OKB

OKB was formerly called OKEx. It is a utility token for cryptocurrency worldwide exchange. It intends to connect possible projects on the digital asset to professional investors and OKX users, thereby creating an OKX ecosystem that fuels the development of the digital asset sector and all time high blockchain technology.

The appealing discounts charged by the OKX exchange on trading fees are the basic utility for OKB. Common OKX traders choose to own tokens for the 40% discount it offers on all purchases at the current OKB price today, according to the volume of their trade.

By owning this token, either by mining or buying at exchanges, you also gain access to several high-quality investments in crypto via the OKX Jumpstart launchpad development. In addition, it uses OKB Earn to provide huge staking prizes on the tokens and huge value for investment.

How Does OKB Work?

OKX provides financial crypto services to worldwide traders as one of the high crypto derivatives and spot trading exchanges in the crypto stock chart. Such financial services include derivatives trading, fiat-to-token, and token-to-token. The native token has various uses, from allowing users to join in the governance of the network to paying fees on the exchange and estimating the token’s stock value and price worth.

It is the crypto utility token for the exchange, while OKX is a centralized exchange. OKC is the blockchain for OK Blockchain Foundation, and it uses a different OKT token for DeFi projects, governance, and fees.

As an OKX user, you can also acquire passive income when the tokens are held on the exchange, especially on OKX profit, which is a feature that enables users to earn income on their assets. Apart from this, the token supplies income on the OKX Jumpstart launchpad initiative when you convert OKB to USD. You’re allowed to participate in Jumpstart after you’ve paid the OKB price USD and registered on the website.

How to Buy OKB?

Cryptocurrencies are constantly reviewed and added to the Binance platform. Currently, it is not listed on Binance, but you can follow these steps to know the token’s cost, live price and how you can buy this token at the price of OKB, by linking your DEX (decentralized exchange) to your crypto wallet with the help of your Binance account to purchase the base currency.

  1. Get a Metamask Wallet
  2. Sign up and Register your Metamask
  3. Purchase Ethereum as the Base of your Currency
  4. Use Binance to Transfer Ethereum to your Crypto
  5. Select a DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
  6. Connect Your Metamask wallet
  7. Use the Coin you Wish to Acquire to Trade your Ethereum
  8. Use the Swap
  9. Now, you’re good to go


How Can I Use OKB?
You can use the crypto token to pay trading fees, participate in OKX Jumpstart projects, vote and administration on the website, redeem rewards, convert OKB to USD and make withdrawals, and lots more.
Where Can I Buy OKB?
You can easily purchase OKB through OKEx. There are a lot of other cryptocurrency exchanges you can use to purchase this token or check the current OKB price and price history. These include Gate.io, OKEx, Uniswap (V2), BiONE, Hotbit, Hotcoin Global, HitBTC, ProBit Global, LBank, and Coin Ex.
What Makes OKB Unique?
The OKB network native token has a base it plays in the system that enables users to acquire as high as 40% discounts on all transactions. The token maintains an all time high value in its stock chart, which shows that users are comfortable with this cryptocurrency and its price now.
Is OKB Still Worth Buying?
Of course, yes. The token has become very relevant, and it shows significantly previous OKB graph in the crypto industry due to the fact that crypto investors have full confidence in the token and attest that it is still worth buying.
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